Our Mission

The Western New York Association of Retired Law Enforcement Personnel, Inc. (W.A.R.P.) is made up of law enforcement retirees and public safety retirees working to protect the benefits of state public retirees. W.A.R.P. has over 800 members, and Executive Board of Officers and a Board of Directors representing law enforcement agencies from the eight counties of Western New York. W.A.R.P. has been incorporated under the laws of New York State and operates in accordance with By-Laws that have been established and voted upon by the general membership. The Board of Directors and the general membership meet periodically in accordance with those By-Laws. The purpose, goal and objectives of W.A.R.P. are briefly described below.‚Äč


The purpose of this organization is to bring together the retired law enforcement officers in Western New York as defined in 2.10, CPL, in order to identify their special needs and problems; to seek out the best information and pursue a course of action in a vigorous and dedicated manner to satisfy the needs and solve the problems. All this can be done in a spirit of friendship and sociability, in the fellowship of unity, and holding a high regard for our public service rendered in a skillful and compassionate manner.


The goal of this organization is to create an advocacy group which will stand up and speak out on the needs and problems special to its members. As, retirees, it is not enough that we receive a pension check. We must actively monitor, participate and contribute. We must not be reluctant to speak out. A collective voice can have a major influence on our government, public officials and agencies. A retiree has a lifetime of experience to draw upon. This role of and advocate is a natural one for the retiree. When executed with courage, confidence and wisdom, it can improve the quality of life for him/her and others.


Our objective is to continue to monitor the C.O.L.A. as well as to be the watchdog regarding all matters concerning retired law enforcement officers. We also promote camaraderie and friendship of all our members.

We are part of a statewide network of other retiree organizations which gives us a full time representative in Albany.