The Western New York Association of Retired Law Enforcement Personnel, Inc. seek new members.

The Western New York Association of Retired Law Enforcement Personnel, Inc. (WARP) origins date back to December 09,1989 when retirees from the Buffalo Police Department organized. WARP was original known as the Metropolitan Buffalo Police Retirees Association under the leadership of Retired Captain Henry Pauly. His staunch determination, combined with his organizational abilities helped to create and expand WARP in our infancy. Without Captain Pauly's efforts and the strong response by the Buffalo Police Retirees we would not be here today.
As the organization grew in its membership, it became evident that a number of pension matters needed to be addressed. That these matters not only affected retired Buffalo Police Officers, but also all retired law enforcement personnel in the eight counties of Western New York. We have also added all civilian personnel who have worked for a law enforcement agency. Also added were all public safety officers including fire and military personnel.

So in 1990 the membership and scope of WARP was expanded to included law enforcement officers as listed in Article 1.20 and Article 2. I 0 of the C.P.L. of the State of New York that were employed in the eight counties. This is when the name of the organization was changed to the Western New York Association of Retired Law Enforcement Personnel, Inc. to reflect its continuing growth.

Today WARP represents over 800 retirees including over 200 from BPD. WARP is the retirees legislative watch dog to protect and enhance benefits for the retired law enforcement officer in Western New York.

If you are a retired (or nearing retirement) Law Enforcement Officer you should belong to WARP. Belonging to WARP helps protect your pension and benefits. We monitor your pension and benefits issues. WARP has information ready if needed to fight pension issues based on our past experiences. There is also strength in numbers and our 800 plus members shows solidarity.

Many retirees have the false belief that their respective PBA will fight for the when the pension or medical benefit issues arise. All the years of having your PBA protect and fight for you when you were still on the job can lure a retiree into a false sense of security. The truth is more than likely your PBA will not be or is unable to be there for you. It happened to me when the City of Lockport decided it was ok to cheat the retirees out of contractual health care benefits. We had to form a retiree association to fight the city. Eventually we won the fight and had the benefits restored. But it was a long and expensive fight. Not only is your pension protected by joining WARP but there are other benefits as well. You receive membership cards and decals. A death benefit of $350.00 is provided to all our members. You also receive our newsletter that has important information for the retirees. We also have four meetings a year
that allow the retirees to get together. membership is only $35.00 a year. That is a real bargain to help protect your pension. Please use the application in this article to join us. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

For more information on WARP you can use our website. www. or you can call me at 716-235-7712.

Paul Beakman, Jr.

WARP Officers 2023

President: Paul M. Beakman-Lockport P.D

Vice President of Finance: Richard S, Walczak -ECSO

1st Vice President Claybrone Twitty, Jr. -BPD

2nd Vice President: Jerome Imiola-Cheektowaga P.D.

Executive Vice President: Charles J. Krathaus, Jr.-ECSO

Recording Secretary: Mark Radder- ECSO

Corresponding Secretary: Richard Harcrow- NYSDOCS

Sergeant at Arms: Phillip J. Steffan-West Seneca P.D.

Membership: Ann Ellis-King-BPD

Parliamentarian: John F. Schaller-Cheektowaga P.D.

Chaplain: Ralph W. Gardner-Cheektowaga P.D.

Legislative Liaison-Michael DeLong-BPD


$350.00 death benefit

Voice for retention of retiree pensions and benefits

Window decals

Quarterly meetings

Quality embroidered clothing

Board of Directors 2022-2023

John B. Summerson Niagara Falls PD

Gary Hunt NCSD

Frank Palermo ECSO

David Gorski Depew PD

James Niwinski NYSDOCS

Harvey Scharf Amherst PD

Donald Ventura Lancaster PD

Joseph Cimino Rochester PD

Gregory Wildridge NYSP

Robert Ziehm Orchard Park PD

Gary Kopacz Tn.Tona. P.D.

Gregory Stolarski Jamestown P.D.

Ken Mrozik NYDOCS

Vernon Frost E. Aurora P. D.

Charles J. Albenasi Kenmore P.D.

Richard M. Atkin Niagara Falls PD

Daniel Skotarczak U.S. Customs

William R. Hall N.Tona. PD

Michael Smith West Seneca PD